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Walton clarifies position on play at HOU v DC

November 14, 2012

PRO general manager Peter Walton has clarified a comment made to NBC network during the half-time interval at Sunday's Eastern Conference Championship final leg 1.

During first-half injury time, DC United's Raphael Augusto was brought down outside of the box by Houston Dynamo defender André Hainault. A foul was not called and no action was taken.

Walton felt at the time, without the advantage of viewing a replay: "From the angle I saw in the stadium I thought it was a foul.

"Had there been a foul called, and of course it wasn't, I would've expected a yellow card.

"Looking at it in real time, I thought the tracking defender [Houston's Luiz Camargo] could have influenced the outcome of that particular play. That was my opinion from seeing it in real time."

Having watched the incident again, Walton added: "In review of that play, my opinion has changed in as much as the defender, which I thought in real time would have influenced the play, clearly was behind the action and therefore the disciplinary sanction should have been a red card for denial of a goal scoring opportunity.

"I made the initial statement on my real time opinion without having the advantage of a replay. Having reviewed the replay, it is clear it ticks all the boxes for a denial of as goal scoring opportunity and a send-off should have been the outcome."

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