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PRO's Juan Guzman focused on improvement

June 4, 2013

The Professional Referee Organization's Juan Guzman and Dave Gantar recently attended a CONCACAF Tier 2 referee course and found it to be a valuable experience.

The pair spent five days in Mexico City alongside several other CONCACAF officials with the course aimed at referee development.

“During our time in Mexico City we did a physical fitness test, watched a a number of videos, and talked about team and referee tactics,” Guzman told

“It was all about how to grow and become a better referee. We were putting ourselves in tough situations and challenging each other.

“There were 17 referees from throughout CONCACAF so it was useful to get perspectives from other people, how they work in their country and how it compares to here in the US.”

While he has been a part of the CONCACAF's Tier 2 pool, 27-year-old Guzman - PRO's youngest center official – has travelled to international tournaments to aid his training and development, alongside the education he receives with PRO.

He is focused on improving as a referee and knows what he needs to do to get to the next level personally, and insists PRO officials are working hard under the guidance of the support staff within the Organization.

The referee from Los Angeles, California, added: “We are working hard at getting better and it’s something we will never stop doing. 

“No human will get 100% of decisions correct in soccer, everyone understands we all make mistakes, but we want to try and limit them and be as consistent as possible with our calls. 

“I know people aren’t happy with decisions at times, but we are our own worst critics. Fans may look at the big decisions that change the game, which we also analyze in terms of why we made that decision and why we got it wrong, but we also look at so many other minor details that often go unnoticed. 

“We try to help each other in a positive way when we meet up for our training camps with PRO. We know we can always do better and that is key, to keep aspiring to improve.”

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