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PRO prepares for pre-season training camp

Jan 27, 2014

The first PRO pre-season training camp of 2014 will take place in Orlando, Florida, this weekend.

The camp, which is being held at the National Training Center & Mission Inn Resort from Friday January 31st to Sunday February 2nd, will be attended by all of the Organization's officials, assessors and support staff.

A review of the 2013 season is one of a number of topics which have been selected to be discussed at the event. 

Additional areas will include nutrition, sports psychology, professionalism, social media, the best use of the communication system and teamwork.

Sports Scientist Matt Hawkey will take the officials through a series of exercises, one of those being the mandatory FIFA fitness test. Guest presenters will also be in attendance to talk about their involvement in the game.

Michael Kennedy, PRO Referee Manager, said: “After a well-deserved break it is now time for the group to prepare for the new challenges that lie ahead in 2014.

“Our focus must be to set the bar higher and continue improving in our performances. 

“PRO has brought in several new officials with five new Assistant Referees, and they will help to strengthen our team.”

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