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NWSL provides PRO with "great opportunity", believes Walton

January 9, 2013

Peter Walton, General Manager of the Professional Referee Organization, believes the inception of the new National Women's Soccer League provides a “great opportunity” for PRO.

The league structure, which will contain eight competing teams, will produce a number of matches that require officiating, and referees from the PRO ranks will be responsible for those matches.

“I see another competition coming under our umbrella as a massive opportunity to give our officials the exposure they require in their experience and education of the game,” Walton said.

“It’s a great opportunity for PRO to develop referees – both female and male – in competitions that will expose them to pressure from crowds, pressure from first class players and, in some instances, the pressure of performing in a live televised game.”

The league will be administered by U.S. Soccer and will begin in the Spring of 2013.

Despite already having a busy schedule of matches, Walton insists it isn't a daunting task to take another competition into consideration, and it's something he is relishing.

“It’s just another league for me to factor in, in terms of developing the officials going forward.

“I have a meeting arranged with Cheryl Bailey, the new Head of the National Women's Soccer League, at the end of January and further details regarding the officiating of the League will be announced soon after.

“The League is a great opportunity for women's soccer in the States and North America, and it’s something I look forward to seeing blossom this year and in years to come.”

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