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Margaret Domka honored by FIFA Women's U20 World Cup assignment

July 1, 2014

Margaret Domka has spoke of her pride and honor after being assigned to the FIFA Women's U20 World Cup this summer in Canada.

Domka will travel to the tournament, which takes place from August 5 to 24, as one of 18 referees selected by FIFA.

She has been chosen alongside fellow United States PRO officials Marlene Duffy and Veronica Perez, who will serve as assistant referees.

“I'm really excited,” Domka told “What an honor to be invited and to have the chance to be on the field with some of the best players in the world. 

“I'm sure that we're going to see several of these players in 2015 at the women's World Cup, so it'll be a delight to see them now and be on the field with them.

“Marlene, Veronica and I are very supportive of one another. We always look forward to seeing each of us reach our respective goals.

“In women's soccer we aren't necessarily set in a crew that always work together but the more camaraderie that we have with each other, or any other referee, the better we perform because we know how to communicate with each other.”

Domka became a U.S. Soccer referee in 2006 and was certified by FIFA as an international assistant referee a year later, before becoming an international FIFA referee. 

The 34-year-old has had a taste of the FIFA Women's U20 World Cup in the past when she was also assigned as a center official for the 2012 tournament, which was staged in Japan, blowing the whistle at two group games, a quarter-final and the third-place game.

She will use that previous experience in the build-up to this summer's tournament to reach her highest level of fitness.

She added: “My training will certainly intensify as we lead up to the tournament. My fitness levels will be at least the same as the players, if not better.

“I've been swimming a lot recently and biking to vary my training, which has been good for me. I'm also working very closely with my coaches and have been following my personal programs which are set by PRO.

“I will be increasing my training intensity so that when I get to Canada I'm in my peak physical form.”

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