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The rise of the Mariscal name in the PRO ranks

Oct 23, 2014

The Mariscal surname has become a frequent inclusion on the PRO assignments page and that's because the Organization can lay claim to a unique feat of having four siblings in its ranks.

Alejandro, Eduardo, Apolinar and Felisha Mariscal are all regular officials in the North American soccer leagues, with a total of 64 games between them so far this season.

Eduardo – a twin brother of Apolinar – has worked his way up the roster and has ran the line four times in MLS this season.

The siblings often share assignments too, with Eduardo and his eldest brother Alejandro most recently working together for the LA Galaxy versus FC Dallas MLS clash at the StubHub Center in mid-September.

Eduardo told “I know my brother Alejandro so well. I’ve grown up alongside him all my life - I know his strengths and weaknesses, and he knows mine.

“That allows us to bond better on the field and get the best out of each other when we are on the same assignment.

“It’s the same when I work with Felisha. Because we know each other so well, we push each other to be better and I trust them 100 per cent.”

It all could have been so different however, when Eduardo came to a crossroads in his youth. He looked to his siblings for inspiration though, and started his route into officiating.

Although he now primarily works as an AR, Eduardo was the man in the middle for a large part of his early career.

“My mother told me to get a part-time job, and at one stage it was either becoming a referee or working in a fast food restaurant.

“Alejandro had become an official because they needed more referees in the US around that time.

“So I followed him and got a part-time job with the referees, and I started to enjoy it, especially when we were going to tournaments. I thought then I could pursue it at a higher level.

“I became an AR because I enjoyed it so much in my first game, but my first three or four years were as a center referee. I did that just to get some practce and to know what the referee needs from an assistant's point of view.”

They might share their officiating journey but all the siblings have their own goals and targets.

For Eduardo, it's progression under the guidance of PRO – an Organization he believes is bringing the best out of North American officials.

“PRO is looking to make us become the best in the world, and that’s my aim too.

“My dream is to become a FIFA referee and to take part events such as the World Cup or the Olympics. I’m striving for that goal.

“First I want to excel myself within PRO, and then go for FIFA status and go to the World Cup to represent the United States. There would be no better feeling than representing your country.”

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