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PRO representatives attend FIFA Regional Instructor Course

July 31, 2014

Six representatives from PRO and U.S. Soccer have returned from a FIFA Regional Instructor course held in Montego Bay, Jamaica, from July 25 to 30.

Representing PRO at the FIFA training course were Erich Simmons and Brendan Barry, while Kari Seitz, PRO evaluator Alfred Kleinaitis, PRO assistant referee coach Rick Eddy and PRO AR Craig Lowry all attended as U.S. Soccer instructors.

Brian Hall, Match Official Development Manager at PRO, was also in attendance as support staff and as an instructor. 

Overall, there were 22 instructors from seven different English speaking countries in CONCACAF.  

The five-day FIFA instructor training event had several objectives, including:

- To provide regional instructors new teaching materials and teaching/learning tools that have been developed by FIFA.
- To update instructors on the current interpretations and application of the Laws of the Game.
- To examine the methodology of teaching in order to optimize the learning process for students.

The objectives were accomplished through both classroom and on-field practical sessions developed and presented by the participants. Each of the six American participants were required to lead an examination and group discussion of game clips with the objective of gaining uniformity of interpretation and decision.

Another key component of the course was the design and implementation of a technical session involving referees, on the field, geared at providing instructors tools to develop and implement practical sessions on the field of play with referees and players.

On the course, Simmons, who is a PRO evaluator, said: "For me, this experience was truly an opportunity to be a sponge and take away some excellent methodologies, which I can now implement back into our officials at PRO and our up-and-coming officials in the US.

"FIFA is making a big effort to make refereeing in the world better and more consistent through these types of courses in the FIFA Futuro program."

FIFA Instructor, CONCACAF Referee Committee member and former World Cup referee, Peter Prendergast, was very pleased with the participation and contributions of the American team of instructors.  

“The contributions to the course discussions and analysis by the PRO and U.S. Soccer representatives was very positive,” the Jamaican told

“It is important for them to participate because the exchange of thoughts with the other CONCACAF nations leads to synergies of concepts and the unification of decision making throughout the region. 

“FIFA looks forward to continued cooperation and support from the referee family in America.”

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