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Week 27: Law 7 – The Duration of the Match

Week 26: Offside

Week 25: Mass confrontation

Week 24: The start and restart of play

Week 23: The offside law – interfering with play

Week 22: Fouls close to the extremities of the field

Week 21: Simulation in NY vs. NE

Week 20: Serious foul play in RSL vs. MTL

Week 19: Holding and fouling in the penalty area

Week 18: Time wasting in NY vs. CLB and SJ vs. DC

Week 17: AR Greg Barkey in SJ vs. CHV

Week 16: Interfering with an Opponent in NY vs. TOR

Week 15: FIFA World Cup

Week 14: The treatment of injuries

Week 13: Six second rule

Week 12: Simulation

Week 11: Close offside calls

Week 10 Extra:  Law 11 - Offside

Week 10:  DOGSO

Week 9: PK at POR vs. DC

Week 8: Offside in CLB vs. NY

Week 7: DOGSO in CLB vs. DC

Week 6: Teamwork

Week 5: DOGSO in MTL vs. NY

Week 4:  DOGSO

Week 3: PKs in COL vs. POR

Week 2: AR call at SJ vs. RSL

Week 1: PK in DC vs. CLB


Week 38: AR Playoff calls

Week 37: NY vs. HOU

Week 36: HOU vs. MTL

Week 35: SEA vs. LA

Week 34: NE vs. CLB

Week 33: HOU vs. SKC

Week 32: RSL vs. DAL

Week 31: POR vs. LA, TOR vs. DC and DAL vs. CLB

Week 30: POR vs. COL

Week 29: CHI vs. NE

Week 28: NE vs. MTL

Week 27: RSL vs. POR

Week 26: RSL vs. CLB

Week 25: MTL vs. DC

Week 24: DAL vs. LA and CLB vs. NY

Week 23: COL vs. RSL

Week 22: SEA vs. CHV and MTL vs. SKC - Play of the week 22 results

Week 21: LA vs. VAN

Week 20: PHI vs. CHV

Week 19: SEA vs. DC

Week 18: PHI vs. DAL

Week 17: CHV vs. LA

Week 16: COL vs. SJ

Week 15: RSL vs. LA

Week 14: NE vs. LA

Week 13: SKC vs. HOU

Week 12: SEA vs. DAL

Week 11: SJ vs. TOR

Week 10: SKC vs. CHV and LA vs. HOU

Week 9: VAN vs. DAL

Week 8: DAL vs. VAN

Week 7: DAL vs. LA and CHV vs. COL

Week 6: SJ vs. VAN

Week 5: SKC vs. MTL

Week 4: DC vs. CLB

Week 3: DAL vs. HOU


Videos - offside or not offside?

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