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MLS Cup Playoffs: Offside Positioning

MLS Cup Playoffs: Positioning to sell decisions

Week 34: Referee and AR co-operation

Week 33: DOGSO and Penalty Area AR Positioning and Responsibility

Week 32: Denial of an Obvious Goal in NY v MTL

Week 31: Goalkeeper possession in ORL v MTL

Week 30: No risk strategy in HOU v COL

The PRO active assistant referee - July and August 2015

Week 29: Assistant Referees taking responsibility

Week 28: Positioning on extreme edge of penalty area

Week 27: Delaying the restart of play

Week 26 extra: Law 17 - The Corner Kick

Offside test: PRO assistant referee training camp

Week 26: Law 17 - Corner Kick, with reference to CHI v NY

Week 25: Violent conduct recognition - fitness and positioning in POR v HOU

Week 24: Dealing with mass confrontation

Week 23: Examining the criteria for DOGSO

Week 22: Positioning to determine a penalty kick

Week 21: AR concentration in DC v PHI

Week 20: Advantage in LA v SJ

Week 19:  Offside - Wait and See technique, in NY v NE

Week 18: Law 15 - The Throw-In

The PRO active assistant referee - May and June 2015

Week 17: Offside – Interfering with Play in NYC v NY

Week 16: Positioning during dynamic play

Week 15: Positioning at set plays, in ORL v DC

Week 14: Simulation in HOU v NY

Week 13: Results - Michael Parkhurst handball decision

Week 13: Handball, using five examples from MLS

Week 12: Gaining an Advantage in LA v HOU

Week 11: Offside position, in NYC v CHI

Week 10: Offside – Gaining an Advantage in CLB v SEA

Week 9: Results and PRO clarification on Gaining an Advantage in RSL v SJ

Week 9: Offside - Gaining an Advantage in RSL v SJ

The PRO active assistant referee - March and April 2015

Week 8: DOGSO and Playing Advantage in HOU v SKC

Week 7: Offside - Interfering with an Opponent in NYC v PHI

Week 6: Offside - Interfering with an Opponent in HOU v MTL

Week 5: Persistent infringement in SEA v HOU

Week 4: Dissent in CLB v NY

Week 3: Violent conduct in PHI v DAL

Week 2: DOGSO in NYC v NE and CLB v TOR

Week 1: Gaining an Advantage - SKC v NYR

PRO training camp: Offside discussions



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